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It is encouraging to see the generous response of so many Americans, and especially the Jewish community, regarding the ongoing efforts to address the humanitarian disaster unfolding in the Ukraine.


If you are interested in making a donation and would like suggestions on specific charities that have been identified that are doing important work in the Ukraine, please see below.


May G-d give strength to President Zelensky and his nation in their struggle to remain free.

Rabbi Golden

A Message from the JDC: 
The Leading Global Jewish Humanitarian Organization


"JDC Responds: Emergency in Ukraine
Ukraine is in crisis. Conflict has erupted across the country, putting the poorest and most vulnerable Jews at risk.

JDC is on the front lines, delivering urgent, lifesaving care to the Jewish seniors and families who count on us, including activating hotlines, emergency homecare plans, and securing safe facilities for Jews fleeing their homes.

You can help right now. Your gift will ensure the uninterrupted provision of food, medicine, and other emergency support — a lifeline to Ukraine's Jews at this critical time.

Please give generously — they depend on you."

Click the video above for an interview with Zev Brenner and
Chairman of the Board of Tikva Odessa Ed Frankel 

A Mission to Save Lives in the Ukraine

Tikva is an organization in Odessa, Ukraine that founded a children's orphanage. It has expanded greatly and now serves the larger Odessa community, caring for over 900 Jewish children, as well as university students and seniors - including Holocaust survivors. In fact, Tikva has revived the Odessa Jewish community and rebuilt their synagogue.

There is a crucial and immediate need to assist these children and adults to escape the imminent danger of the Russian invasion that surrounds them. The cost of this operation is enormous. They have contracted buses and drivers, fuel, food and refrigerated trucks, plus a safe location out of the country - and they will have to fund this for as long as needed. The Frankel family, who have been supporting Tikva for over two decades, is matching all donations. The Frankels have a special connection to our Temple - Leah Frankel grew up in Brooklyn and her parents, Frank and Flo Cassuto, were members of our founding congregation in New Lots.  

Information about Tikva and its programs, etc. can be found at:

You may make a contribution to this humanitarian effort online at, or by sending a check to:
Tikva Children's Home
8 Henderson Drive
West Caldwell, NJ 07006


The President of the Ternopol Jewish community in Ukraine has sent a letter asking for assistance. 


Rabbi Golden has ascertained that this is an urgent cause and the page is authentic.


Admittedly, the translation from the original Ukranian is somewhat stilted, nevertheless the heartfelt message is the same.

Please use this link to donate

The Ternopol Jewish community consists of 302 people.

Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine has changed the direction it is following at this time. Instead of learning Hebrew, observing Shabbat and keeping Jewish traditions we have to deal with placement of people who lost the roof over their head. At this difficult time a lot of institutions including financial, are closed, and people - especially the elders who depend on their children - cannot survive. The children lost their jobs and are not able to support themselves and their parents.

Members of our community are asking for help; we need medications for our disabled members and people with medical conditions. When we had no war we were able to do it, but now are forced to look for sponsors. We are asking for help from people who care to assist people who are moving out of Ukraine to Israel and other European countries.

A lot of appreciation in advance,
Oleksiy Keiser, President 


The repercussions of the tragic war in the Ukraine are being felt worldwide, including here in Israel. Both Russia and the Ukraine are major export markets for Israeli vegetable growers, the war putting an immediate stop to this trade, causing significant financial loss to the farmers.

Unfortunately, lack of alternative markets is already leading to the needless, large-scale destruction of thousands of tons of export quality produce.

Help Leket Israel do all in its power to rescue this unexpected surplus for distribution in Israel to people in need, ensuring that these crops do not go to waste. Part of each donation will be transferred to the contributing farmers to assist them in these extraordinary times.

$180 = 680 lbs. of produce


Thank you again for your commitment to Leket Israel’s food rescue efforts.


Joseph Gitler
Founder and Chairman
Leket Israel

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