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"Tzedakah and acts of kindness are the equivalent of all the mitsvot of the Torah" - Jerusalem Talmud, Pe'ah 1:1.

Charitable contributions to the Sephardic Temple are a meaningful way to donate while supporting our beloved Synagogue. 

All donations are gratefully acknowledged with a letter of recognition sent to both the donor and recipient. 

There are several ways to give. A General Donation to the Sephardic Temple can be made in honor or in memory of a loved one. A Prayer Book or Bible can be dedicated and inscribed, as well as a leaf or stone for our Tree of Life. A bronze memorial plaque with memorial lights provide a lasting tribute and ensure the perpetual recitation of Hashkabah prayers. A contribution to our Kiddush Fund for the luncheon following services also provides a thoughtful opportunity of celebration or remembrance.

Contributions can be made by clicking the blue "DONATE" button at the top of this page.


Please contact the Temple office to learn more or if you have any questions.


May you receive life's richest blessing for your generosity. Shalom!


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