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The Sevy Memorial Library is dedicated in loving memory of Mildred S. and Dr. Harry Quain, Patrons of the Sevy Library of the Sephardic Temple. 

Located in the heart of the Sephardic Temple building, adjoining the Crespi Garden and accessible through our main lobby and Memorial Hall, the Sevy Memorial Library is a go-to destination whether you are interested in consulting one of the many significant titles in our expansive collection, or just seeking a quiet oasis overlooking a garden view.


The extensive collection of the Sevy Library encompasses a wide variety of literature with Judaic themes, Hebrew commentaries on the Bible and Talmud, works of Halakhah and many scholarly volumes. Our Sephardic Studies Section and Holocaust Studies contain some of the foremost texts in these areas and are regularly consulted by Library visitors. 

On Wednesdays, Rabbi Steve Golden's Bible Study Class meets in the Sevy Memorial Library and utilizes numerous texts at hand. 

We hope you will stop in the Sevy Memorial Library during your next visit to the Sephardic Temple.

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