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The Sephardic Temple Weekly Bulletin is published every Monday and serves as a go-to guide for information regarding Temple services, programming, and community events. 

The Front Page of the Bulletin features candlelighting times, service times, parashat descriptions, and Shabbat programming notices. Notably, the Front Page includes a weekly list of Meldados that will be commemorated on Shabbat. Please consider joining us during Shabbat services to hear the recitation of these names and participate in Hashkabah memorial prayers for loved ones. 

The "In The Temple Family" page of the Bulletin contains new and relevant announcements that will hopefully prove informative for Temple members and friends. Here is where birth announcements, notes of congratulations, and condolence notices can be found. Additionally, reminders for upcoming programming, messages from members to the congregation, and our "Ladino Phrase of the Week" are highlighted. 

Additional regular features include: From the Rabbi's Desk, Sisterhood and Men's Club Updates, thought-provoking articles, and flyers for upcoming events.

We hope that you will subscribe to receive our Weekly Bulletin through the subscription box and please see below for an archive or our bulletins.


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