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On October 15, 2023, the Sephardic Temple of Cedarhurst hosted a remarkable exhibit presented by the Rhodes Jewish Historical Foundation. Featuring 180 artifacts of historical significance, it showcased a diverse range of objects highlighting the rich and vibrant history of the Jews from the beautiful island of Rhodes.


From relics to cultural treasures, each piece offered a fascinating glimpse into the island's Jewish past. Visitors had the opportunity to witness the legacy of Jewish Rhodes and its impact.


The 'Jewish Life on Rhodes' exhibit served both to celebrate the history of the Jews on the island and provide an educational platform. The event was an outstanding success, bringing together many from our own congregation, and many from outside of our community who were previously unfamiliar with our kehila.


The exhibit was followed by a traditional Sephardic meal prepared by Genadeen Caterers.


We were fortunate to have had in attendance our Congressional Representative Anthony D'Esposito and New York State Senator Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick. They presented the Sephardic Temple with a “Certificate of Recognition” for our "dedication to the preservation of Jewish History" and "steadfast commitment to Jewish Culture & History".


We appreciate the generous support of Karen & Howard Franco and family, Robyn & Samuel Azus and family, and Kris & Aron Hasson for making this momentous event possible. Thank you for the guidance of Rabbi Golden, Cantor Yonati, President Isaac Mayo, Executive Director Lloyd Denenberg, and to Marc Tenzer for facilitating communications with our county officials.


As always, thank you to our Sephardic Temple family for your continued participation and appreciation of our traditions.

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